Sprouted Rice and Quinoa Salad

For me Summer is all about the salads. Alas my favorite salads are of the pasta variety and we are doing our best to avoid such things these days making the production of a filling salad a bit more of a challenge. This was sad.. so very very sad.. but take heart if you are also shunning grains like the Amish shun zippers and fancy buttons -  there is hope!

Come with me and enter the world of sprouted rice and quinoa!  ( click the links for all the great reasons)

Easy and quick to make these are powerful superfoods that while having a mild nutty flavor blend well with everything from savory to sweet.

In a salad they are filling, travel really well and keep nicely for lunch or a quick snack.  This recipe is my personal concoction so feel free to edit it as you see fit for your family/budget/ and eating preference.

I start by cooking some True Roots Rice and Quinoa blend ( I can usually buy this at Cosco but it is also at Whole Paycheck Foods and other organic friendly stores. I use 2 cups of the blend to 4 cups water, add a bit of salt.. then just follow the directions from there.

When it is done I dump it in a bowl and fluff it to let it cool down.  As it cools I grill  4 chicken breasts ( these are optional) I also throw in lots of red grapes, two handfulls of roasted almonds ( no salt), 2 big handfulls of Feta cheese 4 green onions chopped up. Dried cherries if you happen to have them are a wonderful addition but currents also work. 1 big handful of chopped cliantro. Good olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.. toss it up..  then when the chicken is ready chop that up and throw that in.  Keep in the fridge but pull out 30 minutes before a meal for best flavor.

This makes a HUGE bowl of salad which is just what I want in the summer since that means I will not have to cook the next day! :)

For all you summer salad fiends I added a Pinterst pin-it so you can keep this free range recipe close at hand!

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