A Wonderful Week in Review- Friday Phone Flip

 ( This was suppose to have posted up on Friday.. Blogger seems to be napping.. better late than never!)

I love my smart phone.. there I said it!  No I don't play games on it but otherwise it keeps my life in order and  I would be lost without it!  Most of all I appreciate how easy it is to document my life, projects and special moments with the kids without the hassle  of having to drag the camera around with me.

I post quite a few photos to both my personal page and the Domestic Anarchy FB page  so if you want to keep up with projects I am doing on the fly please do join me over there since  I would LOVE to  connect with you over there as well as here.

This past week had me starting an art quilt as this years fair entry ( lots about that over at FB if you are a quilter). I casted on Summer Flies ( a tiny shawl wrap) in some Yummy MadelineTosh yarn. While it looks complicated in this heavyish weight yarn it really is pretty easy and yet keeps your attention in spots.

My quest for organization continues.. don't you just LOVE those dotty boxes.  I finished up a super soft quilt made of vintage sheets.. lots of over the top quilting on this one. You can see more of it up close over on FB. and  yes we are still running!  A little post run picture for our morning run.. don't we look hot and sweaty!

Hope your Summer days have been equally wonderful and productive!

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