Creating an Ironing Table- Pressing Like the Cool Kids.

A good pressing can make the difference between "homemade" and "handmade".

Having a sturdy place to do it can take take ironing from a chore to something you adore. OK, maybe not adore but something that you are willing to do given how great it makes your finished projects look!

And while not everyone has room for a stand alone pressing table if you do this is totally the way to go. Getting rid of the ironing board was one of the best things I did when it comes to my sewing studio.

To create - start with a firm waist high table. If your surface is not tall enough add some legs or bed risers to get it up there. Your back will thank you!  Cover the surface in kitchen foil. This will help bounce the heat back up to your project making pressing  more effective and faster!

Next cover the area in padding. Honestly an old towel will do but I used Insul-bright to protect the top of my table and also bounce back more heat.

After that I used a sweet vintage sheet that I knew would not run and I added elastic around the sides of the shape I had cut to match my table top. ( You could also make a drawstring casing)

 Slip it on.. fuss and adjust and there you have it... the Perfect Pressing Surface!

p.s. I would love you forever if you would take a moment to pin this.. come know you don't want to forget to do this!


Connie in Bermuda said...

Maddie - did you keep an ironing board for general 'family ironing' use? If not, do you use a sleeve board or something to do 'fussy' ironing like blouses/shirts, etc? I love the idea of a wonderful large pressing surface as a dedicated creative area!
Connie in Bermuda

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Connie, I moved my ironing board to the back of my closet upstairs but even then I mostly use my steamer for clothes since most of what I wear are knits from J Jill and the husband had his stuff for work done at the drycleaner. I do have a sleeve board down in my studio for fussing pressing while sewing.. love that thing!