Getting Your Kids to Eat Cauliflower Rice

Changes are never easy so taking this house from a full on pasta and rice loving crew to one where we have no grains was not a choice I made lightly.  The mounting evidence is that the excessive carbs in our lives are really harming us and I know from personal experience they are harming me, so for the good of all we have been ditching them from our diet and it has been sort of painful to say the least.

One great substitute for for rice or pasta is Cauliflower rice  but I hear from a lot of people that their kids will not touch it.

In our house the transition  was not as painful as it could have been because my children have very wide and varied eating habits that were instilled from birth ( on that count I am very French, the children ate what we ate ( ground up) from the start no jars of babyfood or chicken fingers around here)

That does not mean that there was not sadness when the noodles and rice  went away but with some careful planning and some culinary magic the change was only a small blip on our  epicurean radar. 

So when asked I give the following advice -

1) Don't make a big deal of it.. on official throwing out of the pasta, just "run out".. you know.. don't buy more instead buy some cauliflower and make some "rice" from it.  

There are lots of tutorials out there about making cauliflower rice but I like the one at Big Red Kitchen the best. And don't worry if you don't have  a big mama-jama blender like her's I used my Hamiton  Beech bar blender and it worked just fine!

2) Cook the rice ahead of time in the microwave -  cook it dry in a microwave safe bowl- 6-8 minutes and then let it cool. Store in glass mason jars. 

3) When ready to use saute with a bit of REAL butter or coconut oil and a pinch of  salt and some onion till heated and just browned.

4) For the first  7..yes 7 times you serve it make sure that it is topped with something amazing and saucy and delicious that your kids already love. For mine that is curry.. any kind of curry.  Other options would be beef stew or a vegan stew if you swing that way. Or even just a really nice cheese sauce if your kids are mice .

As they become accustomed to the flavor you can start making things like  Asian Stir fried " rice" with your new substitute or you might give this Cilantro Lime version a go.. it is wonderful! 

So let's review
1) Don't make a big deal about it
2) Cook ahead
3) Saute with yummy stuff
4) Serve topped with foods that overcome the rice for the first 7 meals.

Happy Eating!

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