Roy G. Biv's Dresden - A Love Story

For those who have not been keeping up via Facebook (a bunch more photos there!)  I have been on quite the quilting tear of late. I have discovered my love of whole cloth quilting is a BIG way. As if I needed another passion!

My newest creation is entitled Roy G. Biv's Dresden and it is a 60 inch square whole cloth Dresden patterned  star created totally out of thread.

Since it is still on the the longarm it is very hard to get good photos  but if you are a longarm quilter you know that this project meant a LOT of rolling the quilt back and forth to access the length of each blade which is about 30 inches long.

I tried for a different pattern in each blade but for them also to have some relating element. This worked in most but not all of the blades.

The name Roy G. Biv comes from the mnemonic trick used to remember the colors of the rainbow in order. A school days trick that most kids know but that has seemed to find a place in my head replacing where I left my car keys on a regular basis!

R - ED

In this design I used two shades of each of these colors as well as white and dark gray ( black was just too harsh) to fill the blades of the Dresden.

All of my threads and matching bobbins came from the fine folks at Fil-Tec . Their Glide thread and Delights series was HEAVEN to work with and I don't think I would have tried this project with anything else.  This did mean I bought a lot of thread but ..really who can have too much thread?

Like all my quilts this one started with a story. It might be a bit of a bias on my part but a really great quilt has a story.. a quilt without one is just fabric cut apart and sewed back together again for the hell of it.

Roy G. Biv's Dresden started out as a doodle in my design notebook. A doodle much like I have been prone to do since childhood. A doodle that was just like one I often did in highschool on the front , back and all over my notebooks. You see with my raging A.D.D.  paying attention was HARD and doodling helped me listen.

Like most teen girls I doodled the names of boys I liked and dreamed about what life would be like after I was able to escape school. ( I am sure this has a lot of do with why I have chosen to homeschool my own kids, school was a real soul-sucking experience for me and most of the kids around me)

I dreamed/doodled about finding someone who loved me for my  scatterbrained, creative self and cared for me so passionately that it was awe inspiring. ( Who doesn't..right?)

As I doodled my current design I remembered that girl. The one who made a wrong turn into a a bad-fit marriage soon after highschool ( but got three great kids from it) to one who was the lucky enough to find the love of her life.

To have found him, or more to the point he found me and has made my life amazing!  My husband Les is my rock and my support and my cheerleader. He is the man who did not bat an eye when I requested a longarm for my studio and he is the one who gives me time to create even when the laundry pile is getting a bit deep. He understands that my soul needs time to create. I could not be more lucky.

Life has not always been easy, but never for a moment over all these years would I have wanted to make this journey with anyone else.

The quilt is full of those happy dreaming doodles, six hearts, one for each of my children and a tree.. "carved" with mine and Les's initials  .. since in the end Roys G. Biv's Dresden is more than anything a love story.

Edited: I am VERY excited to announce that  this quilt was just accepted in the Road the California Quilt show!!!
Editing my Edit : Roy is on his way to the New England Quilt show!

Join me at the BadAss Quilters Society  if you would like to follow a long for the rest of this quilts journey.


Mary Alice said...

Such a lovely commentary on your creative spirit and your love of family and husband. I enjoyed reading every word. You never fail to awe and inspire me.

Love ya,
Mary Alice

nancy said...

awesome reading, keep up your wonderful work. smiles nancy

Mom said...

Who knew Miss Maddie was so sappy? :-) a great way. I have enjoyed watching you make this quilt, and the story is sweet.