Cairo-quilt in Review- A Vlog Post

So I know that a lot of you are looking for a go-to cotton quilting thread that  stands up to the fast-paced world of Long arm and domestic machine quilting. I am thrilled to say that I have found mine.

While not the first cotton I have used it might be the last - but only in the very best way.  Cairo-quilt is Egyptian long staple cotton  for the traditional look of classic quilting.
While there are other really nice cotton threads on the market and I own some of them it did mean I had to wind bobbins to match. And while this is not the end of the world the truth is that I am lazy  careful with my time. Spending time winding bobbins is not on my top 10 list of things to do when for just a bit more I can have prewounds with perfect tension with Fil-Tecs magnetic core prewounds. 

On my ~What Stella Knows~ quilt I used about 3 bobbins so for $3 I got prefect tension from beginning to end with little to no effort on my part. That is something I am willing to pay for.

I do not use cotton for most of my quilts but when I do Cairo-quilt is my choice from now on.

Want to see what else I had to say about Cairo-quilt?

* The Spool of Cairo-quilt was provided to me by the awesome guys at Fil-Tec but the kissy-faced love is all mine!
** Alternative title to this post was.. how many time can Maddie say "umm" in one video - sigh, my vlog skills are lacking to say the least.

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