Divide and Design DVD- a Review

Epic Wings- Maddie Kertay - Domestic Anarchy Studio 

"Quilting makes the quilt but great quilting design makes for amazing quilts" - Me

The truth is that a fantastic quilt top can be ruined by badly thought out or just boring quilting and some of the most deadly boring tops can be brought to life when creative quilting design is employed. 

Making a top is easy ( well not EASY) but there are WAY more tops hanging around the world then there are finished quilts and one of the reasons is that deciding on the right quilting for any given project can be a serious challenge.

Take that and add in today's expanding use of negative space and it can mean that instead of amazing quilting a lot of tops are not getting done or when they are they are getting little better than a big stipple out of a lack of inspiration when it comes to all the wide open space. 

Enter a cure!- Last week I happened on the StoneHouseQuilting.com  via a quilt that captured my interest on Pinterest.  I was quickly  impressed by Lisa's work as well as some of the products she has brought to market, including Quilters Groove rulers  and  her newest  class via- video -  Divide and Design: The Cure for Quilters Agoraphobia 

I really enjoyed this video.. with a thoughtful presentation, nice camera work and a peppy pace Lisa takes you through the Divide and Design process from beginning to finished quilt in a way that makes her process open and accessible to the confident beginner or to the seasoned quilter looking for a new way to approach design. 

The DVD course is well over an hour and at less than $25 this is such a bargain since you can watch it over and over again to refresh your skills or glean even more tips that you might miss the first time through. 

As I watched the video I was excited to use Lisa's technique when thinking about my newest quilt that I had just started. Epic Wings was a quilt with a beginning but no plan for quilting until after I watched the video and started my own Divide and Design process. In fact I had to rush and finish piecing the top so I could start her  design process for my own quilt.

If there were just one thing I would add to Lisa's amazing product it would be some printable B&W quilt top sample files so that you can practice her technique right away and maybe with that some other samples of how she envisioned those tops so as a person new to the technique you could then compare your own to what she did and learn from that. 

Perhaps in future editions of the video she will have something like that or perhaps an add -on package or download in the near future.  In any case I could not be more pleased with what  I learned and hope at some point to meet Lisa at a quilting show and maybe even to take further classes from her, and I don't say that very often! 

Did I mention I all bought all of her Quilters Groove Rulers as well?... I hope to use them soon and promise to report back.

* this was a non- compensated review, no money or product was exchanged in trade for my review of this product. 


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Love this post, Maddie!

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And she is as nice as she is talented, too ...