Faux Pipped Pillow Cover

When trying out different quilting techniques I end up with a lot of pillow sized samples and once in a while I get off my tail and actually make some pillows with them!

Today's pillow  is being used to demonstrate how to insert an easy zipper for a class I am teaching.

I think that everyone knows how to make an easy pillow with a simple envelope back but when you add a zipper you can insert an even bigger pillow and have no fear of the back pulling open.

These simple pillows are fast but they lack the finishing details that are the hallmark of a really nice pillow.

Well detailed pillows can take more time. Pipping, ruffles and flanges double the time it takes to make a pillow and while worth it sometimes you just have a bit of time and want to make a quick project to decorate for the holidays.

When wanting a fast but finished looking cover I turn to my old stand-by the Faux Pipped Pillow .. easy peasy Mac and Cheesy  ( Yes I have children..why do you ask?)

1) Start by making a simple pillow cover and turn right-side out. ( I have my insert in this photo but you will NOT put in your insert yet)

2) Using a guided edge stitch foot and thread to match your pillow sew around the outside of the pillow 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch inward of the edge.

3) Go SLOW around the corners in a smooth arc.

Doing this will mimic the look of pipping around the pillow and give it a more finished appearance for only a small investment of time.


As a note I am using Premo-Soft thread by Fil-Tec.  I am really liking it so far.. a review very soon!


BigLittleWolf said...


This makes me miss my more domestic stitching days. (I was busy then, too, but able to hand quilt a little bit on weekends at least. But no longer!)

Now I'll be itching to pick up some fabric...


Anonymous said...

Nice! And, I am loving that gorgeous bird on that pillow.