How to Take a Decent Photo of Yourself

It was commented this week that there are a lot of photos of me on my blog/Facebook which I found funny since previous to this year I suspect you can gather up about 10 total photos of me either digtal or film.

I shunned the camera like a hooker shuns a tent revival.. I had bad hair, or I was fat or I had a zit, or or or... but then one day it hit me.. everyone knows I am fat, or had bad hair that day or whatever. Not letting myself into a photo was only protecting me from myself.. everyone else had to see me in all my glory every day.. they were not horrified by my photos so I figured I should just damn well get over it.

If my kids were going to have any record of who I was and what I looked like I was going to have to come out from behind the camera to actually be part of the shot on occasion.

Now all of this introspection does not mean I like a crappy photo any more than the next person so here are a couple of fast tips on getting a decent photo of yourself suitable for blog photos and avatars on places like Facebook.

 1) I am going to make the assumption that you are shooting your photo with your phone.. I do this a lot. Ansel Adams I am not.. my phone is usually with me more than my camera so that is what I use.

2) I assume on your phone you will have some sort of simple editing software - an App.  There are a ton of them from Instagram to Aviary, most have free versions to try out. They are quite fun and in Aviary you can fix blemishes and red eye in a flash.

3) Speaking of flash.. just don't. Like regular cameras flash is a real art. My rule is natural  light - no photo. ( Photo number 2 gets it's haunted cast from not enough light and a bad photo angle)

4) Angle is everything!!  don't shoot from down low unless your double chins are your best feature ( see photo 1 up there and say hello to my chubby neck and chin!)

5)  For your best shot, get out of the bathroom ( please) and face into a sunny but not glaring window, have your camera a bit up and also lift your chin a bit.. I know it will feel funny but your neck will smooth out and the light will diffuse fine lines and wrinkles and blow out the shadows making you look younger and more awake.

6) Take LOTS of photos... it is the best blessing of the digital age.

Ok.. now for fun take a great photo of yourself and come show it off over on Domestic Anarchy on Facebook.. share it on my wall!

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