Quilt Binding - Fear No More!

Great binding is the icing on the cake when it comes to a beautiful quilt. It can not only hi-light the beauty of a quilt it is also the hardest working part of the quilt taking most of the abuse and all of the the strain.

While there is nothing wrong with buying packaged quilt binding the choices are rather limited and the colors are pretty much stuck in the 1980's ( and not in a good B-52's Rock Lobster kind of way)

You can find some nifty handmade patterned binding online at places like etsy but it is hard to tell the quality and the  incorrect terminology in the description should be your first clue ( hint hint)

So that leaves you with making your own and just the idea bring tears and fears to many but in truth as a step by step process it is very easy and with nothing more than basic sewing skills you can make competition worthy binding for any project.

Preparation - Starch your fabric and cut you strips with the method of your choice. I cut my strips 2.5 inches wide using an Accuquilt Studio but  rotary cutting also works.

1) On ONE end of each strip fold back the end on a 45 degree angle being careful to have fabric correctly oriented- give this a firm pressing. Do this to all strips.

2) Using Washable ELMERS school glue or Roxann's Glue Baste put a VERY thin line on the very edge of the fold.

3) Lay the FLAT END of the next strip over this turned back area in straight alignment with the previous strip and press with hot iron. This will heat set and dry the glue.

4)The glue and the ironing gives you the perfect line the follow when it comes time to sew the strips together. The pressing gives the line, the glue controls any stretching.  Do all strips end to end in this fashion.

5) Using the fold line as your guide chain sew all the segments and then snip the connecting threads.

6)Pop open the bit of the seam that has some glue by peeling the two right sides away from each other down to the stitching line. It is important to so this before trimming since otherwise they are VERY hard to get apart.

7) Trim of excess to 1/4 inch

8) Press open seams as you fold the band in 1/2 right sides facing. Use a light spray of HEAVY spray starch .. this will lightly glue your binding together adding more stability for  attaching it to your quilt. 

9) To store binding I have made ahead of time I wrap it loosely around a foam core board and store it with the supplies for the project I need it for. 

See.. step by step it is not so hard!  Got questions?.. sock them to me!

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