Runners Hair Rescue - Argan Oil

I  know I am possibly the last person on the planet to the Argan Oil Party  but in case I'm not I thought I would share my experience with using Argan oil on my rather desperate hair.

The fact of the matter is that running has been hard on my hair.  Sweating, time up in a pony tail and too frequent washing added to already hormone stressed hair has meant brittle rough hair that I was seriously thinking about getting cut short once again (gasp!)

I had gotten lots of advice on the matter, everything from the whole Poo-free thing to avocado hair masks but to be quite honest I was not up for adding yet another "thing" to my life so when I saw the Argan oil while cruising the lanes at Target I threw it in the cart hoping for the best. 

Yep, I cut off 5 inches and it is still quite long.

Well hap-hap Happy day!  My hair LOVES the Argan oil. It could not be simpler to use, just massaging it in after a simple towel dry and before I blow out my hair. Not heavy or greasy it absorbs into my hair like a dream leaving it thick, soft and very easy to style.

I could not be happier - no more thoughts of cutting it all off which is good since it took me 4 years to grow it out from this.


Pieces of Cotton said...

Wow - do you realize how pretty you are? You have such a great face shape & especially with the red lipstick, your skin looks like porcelain.

Anyway, just found your blog from a friend - we're quilters in Chattanooga too!

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Well thank you!.. But I will admit to way more freaky photos of me than ones I look good in.. this was a lucky shot :)

Nicole said...

were we separated at birth? This is my new found favorite product.