Sweater Dressing for Style and Comfort

 I got up.. and I feel GREAT!!  How many times do you hear that?.. well it took me a moment to understand it was sleeping with the open window, cool night breezes and a decided nip in the morning air... Holy freaking pumpkins.. Fall really is going to come!

And while by the end of today it will be in the 80's the cool air has me all excited about getting to wear some of the best looking and most comfortable clothes in my wardrobe.

I am talking sweater dresses, cotton tights and boots!

Thanks to Ployvore I put together this little peek at what I am sure will be my uniform of the colder months.

So amazingly comfortable, easy to wear and it just looks great from morning until night.

This look can be dressed up or down depending on what you need.

To Dress it up
1) Try pantyhose (yes)
2) Ballet flats
3) Fitted jacket/blazer

To Dress it down -
1) Cotton tights or leggings
3) Boots
4) big scarf

 Thinner girls can get away with the chunkier weight sweater dresses and those of us with a more generous figure really rock the lighter weight knits that skim over the body but don't add any bulk.

This look is a no brainer that you can put on in the dark and still look fantastic- never worn a sweater dress?. Give it a try!

Are you ready for Sweater Weather??


Anonymous said...

I love sweater dresses. Being the chubbier sort, body skimming or looser works best for me.

Missus Wookie said...

I like seaters and boots but abhor drafts so tend to avoid dresses. I like the idea of adding leggings tho that might convince me.