The World Needs More Bad Ass Quilters

 The world needs more bad ass quilters. The world of quilting needs more voices that sing higher and lower and longer than those who trod the safe path of neutral  artistic lives that are meant to offend or excite no one.

 We need diverse voices, styles and opinions that let the world at large see that quilting and needle arts are not just for those who sit in rocking chairs but for those that rock climb and pole dance and march to their own drummer.

I happen to know quite a few very bad ass quilters, quilters doing ~ Epic Shit~ ( that is for you McLisa) and pushing the envelope of this medium every day. These people light my fire and help me be a truer version of myself every day.

And while these bad ass wonders are making a name for themselves within the quilting community the world at large still thinks we are all a bunch of mirthless duds who stitch because we have nothing more exciting to do in our lives let alone anyone to talk to.

Wouldn't the world at large be shocked to hear our rowdy if not down right obscene conversations innuendos and  hysterically lurid thoughts when we take a break from our big and small machines and gather in person or via Facebook or other online mediums?  Or how about the things and lengths we go to to support each other, raise money and make the world a better place? We are like others quilters we are just more bad ass while doing it.

For myself I am really tired of people making grand and sweeping assumptions about who I am based on the fact that I quilt and sew and then being shocked and offended when I don't meet their expectations.

 I am tired ( and saddened) when advertisers decide not to work with me because I post about sex or pop off with the F-word on occasion..but you know what it is who I am. I am a mother and a lover, a friend and a teacher. I am a  socially liberal, gay loving, baby nursing, homeschooling, socially aware, can swear like a sailor woman.  Not to mention a bad ass quilter who will not spend anymore time trying to be sweet and nice for the sake of not offending .. since honestly is makes me really cranky trying to edit myself in those ways.

For the occasion of this  proclamation I have made myself a t-shirt... if you need one too please pop over to the BAQS store at Printfection .

Want to hang with other Bad-Ass quilters?  Come over to the BAQS facebook page ( rather a mess right now but come visit anyway!)

  and  Bad Ass Quilter among other things.


Chloe said...

The world likes neat little boxes made of ticky tacky all in a row. And it wants to put each of us there inside.

I like that you don't fit in a ticky tacky box, Maddie. We have enough of those people already.

Flaun of I Plead Quilty! said...

So down with it. I've joined!

Unknown said...

Love the tee logo! I think I may need to get a few of those iron ons for a group of friends to wear in Houston. So nice to meet another like minded soul, btw I homeschooled my kids too :)

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Oh good! We can come out now!

nancy said...

Oh I just love it, keep it going,you BAD ASS quilter

Natalie Carlton said...

Amen sista!!

Cowtown Quilts said...

I want one! I want one!

Nicole said...

joined as well. I am bad to the bone.

Deb Berkebile said...

Maddie...Wow! I am a Mechanical Engineer and oh how I can relate to everything you said...even the swear like a sailor part! I think I am more like a male sailor when I start swearing! LOL! Working in a man's world is ever so challenging but I do hold my own! All I can say more unless we sit down over coffee and have ourselves a nice AMEN SISTER!!!