Adopting a Daily Uniform

As part of making my life easier in the mornings I have adopted a daily uniform that is both comfortable and stylish, easy to put on and forgiving during the time of the month when I look more like a Oomp-a-loompa than a hot-mama.

I have written before about my love of sweater dresses, and it has not changed.. I think they are amazing and they are available in all sizes and price points. I get mine at both J.Jill ( pricey) and  Target ( uber affordable)  for the most part.

To mix things up I use different scarves and jackets for plenty of variety.. and sometimes I will even belt one of the dresses over a pair of jeans if the occasion calls for it. - Simple

This look wears as well for the 120 pound woman as it does for those who crest 200 pounds.. as a point of disclosure I am about 180 pounds in this photo for the sake of reference.

I wear tights with my dresses but leggings work just as well for those who don't like the feeling of tights. The cooler it gets the thicker the tights I wear and I honestly find them way warmer to wear than jeans which I find very chilly when the wind blows.

I currently have 8 sweater dresses, 4 pairs of boots and about 20 pairs of tights.. and  no worries about what to wear until spring comes.

What about you?

p.s. As a note, my journey is not yours.. we live in different places with different circumstances and needs. Here at D.A. I encourage you to find what fits with your life and makes you feel amazing each day and just hope to be a spring board to that adventure.


Robin said...

Love the look on you. Live in Florida, not too many days that we can layer sweaters over jeans, but one would be funto have. You look lovely. Robin

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Robin, you are totally right.. if I lived in Florida I my uniform would be different.. but I suspect I would still have a uniform of some sort since it means I don't have to engage my brain while in the closet :)

Lisa said...

Such a good idea, Maddy... I should consider doing this.. right now my 'uniform' as a new mom is wearing sweat pants and one of my husband's t-shirts!

~Molly~ said...

I have the same kind of uniform going for Spring thru Fall, I wear culottes and cropped knit pants with various flowy shirts and some kind of sandals(not flip flops, they hurt my feet). Its easy, I don't have to find shirts that match any particular style(athletic or tailored or whatever). I am going to go looking for a sweater dress soon, yours is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the look on you! I do have a uniform--usually a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved top, and something hand-knit over it. The "something" can be a scarf, a shawl, a cardi, or a pullover, depending on my mood and how cold the Ottawa weather happens to be that day!

Robin said...

Oooo. I only have a couple of sweater dresses, but I love this idea. (Says she who is still in jammies well past 9:00a.m.)

TangledFun said...

I SO needed this idea! I work from home a lot and am in such a rut. Wearing sweats "to work" leaves me not wanting to leave the house and feeling frumpy.

I love the look you have of casual but "hot mama" and I do love comfortable!

I'm going shopping!! ~Jodi

NotaSupermom said...

You look lovely and I adore the tights and boots.
I'm going to think on this, and come up with a uniform for me that's not yoga pants and a Star Wars t-shirt.