Goodbye to Pie - Giving up Grains for Good

It is with mixed feelings that I am once again saying goodbye to grains and gluten.  Mixed since like most people I grew up thinking that grains were the backbone of a stable diet ( after all they were the base of the USDA food pyramid ) only to age and find out that grains in all of their various forms are quite possibly at the root of many of my health problems and at the very least the leading aggravent of my Type II diabetes.

I don't spend a lot of time here on D.A. dwelling on my heath issues but I figure it is time to come clean with the fact that over the past few years I have been battling some rather aggravating to down right serious health issues that have been taking a tole on what I am able to accomplish each day.

I am tired, I hurt, and I am ready for a change.

After my latest round of testing I finally have gotten to the point where I am not willing to just medicate my pain, blood sugar and rashes, I want to get to the root of them.

My tests indicated that I have a serious intolerance for wheat and gluten and further tests when they get back will decide if I have full blown Celiac Disease or not. But even if not I already know that many of my auto immune issues originate in a bag of wheat.

This all became quite clear to me when I started my family on this past Spring's Paleo adventure. The elimination of wheat and grains from my diet resulted in lost stomach bloat, greatly reduced joint pain and a lowered A1C along with weight loss.   But  we veered off course as summer progressed and wheat crept back into our life like a thief in the night.

This thief took as well as grave. It stole my energy but brought with it horrid joint pain, upset stomachs and a raised A1C .. and I am not talking about a lot of wheat here. I am talking maybe 1 sandwich in a week and possibly pizza every now and then... but it was enough and I am now paying the price.

Purging the Kitchen
Lesson learned... so today finds me back in a kitchen that has been purged of all wheat products for myself and  son14 who also shares some of my issues.In the end we did not have much, and much of what I did find was covert flour in many foods  but out it went! I have renewed my determination to created meals that excite and invite my family to this new way of eating but each will make their own choice on this matter but I will not be cooking with any grains for the next 30 days as a trial to see if this helps and puts me on the right track to healing my hurting body.

The Hidden Dangers of Gluten Free Foods
As a side note I will not be eating any of the ever growing variety of gluten free products on the market since while a God-send to some with Celiac most of these products come with their own demon.

You see when you get rid of wheat in packaged foods you have to substitute something and in most cases that is rice flour or cornstarch which actually raise the glucose of a diabetic even higher than wheat (!!).. so these are a no-go for me.  Honestly this is probably a good thing since I am one who does better with cold-turkey than I do lurking around the edges of wheat desire.

A New Way of Eating
I will be doing updates here on the blog and sharing new recipes, tips tricks and bread based emotional breakdowns on the D.A. Facebook page. Please come on over and share your advice and experience on giving up grains for better health!


Katrina said...

Ohh Maddie! I wish you good luck and good health! I have been trying to cut down on wheat too - but it is so hard :-(

Rowsella said...

Hi Maddie, I've been following your blog and FB for a little while now. I have also allowed wheat back in for a brief (2 week) visit. I think it is time to stop as well as I am getting digestive upset. I just completed a Whole30 and it truly helped me feel better. While I don't think I will do another until January, I do plan to get back on the Paleo bandwagon. Check out The Clothes Make the Girl. She is doing a Whole30 and posting her meals.

Elizabeth B said...

Oh, Maddie, I gave up gluten 2 1/2 years ago. I feel like a new woman. My arthritis pain is much, much less, and I don't have the muscle aches, digestive issues, restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea problems that I used to have. After I got off gluten, I continued to improve for about 2 years. It's a pain changing your diet, but it's worth it.