Goodbye to Pie Update- Week 1

Well it has been a bit  over a week since I jumped back on the bandwagon.. or more to the point jumped off the pie, and the bread and all other grains ( including rice and corn for now).

I thought I would check in with an update and to let you know that I have started a Goodbye to Pie Page here on the blog (look up top) or click HERE so I can post any super good recipes, or tips and tricks I come across during this adventure.

Overall even in these very few number of days I am feeling better. My joints are hurting much less and the 6-month pregnant stomach thing is going away.

While weight loss is not a goal for me on this ( really it should be but I just can't do it all) I have lost 4 pounds this week.. so go me!

Wheat Free at Home
Breakfast and dinner have been easy to deal with but I am still finding lunch to be a real challenge. Mostly I am just eating leftovers but  know that I will need to find some other fast and easy alternatives.

Wheat Free Away From Home
My next challenge will be eating away from home at the Aiming-Low Non-Conference at the end of this week.  I am braced for it to be an eating adventure and since I will be driving there I am taking some food as back up in-case I can't find anything there I can eat safely.

All tips welcome!!


Karen Gibson said...

How about smoothies for lunch? I have a chocolate spinach cherry combo that I often eat for lunch. Add some protein powder or peanut butter and it gives a real boost.

Rowsella said...

I stopped eating wheat for a month with the Whole30 and pretty much avoided it for most of the summer. Anyway, I started up again just because (getting tired of being such a diet hard-ass) and honestly, bread doesn't taste very good. I end up eating the insides of the sandwich and leaving the bread like a 6 year old-- unless it happens to have a ton of butter in it like a croissant.

kate G said...

I gained too much in Europe this summer (beer and bread and chocolate:) and menopause is hitting hard. Stomach was pregnant looking so I decided to weakly follow the Dukan Diet for a few weeks. This means protein and vegies only with no breads or even fruits (sugar). I have lost about 6 pounds and have flattest stomach in years! I have energy and do not feel hungry or have any cravings. I was vegetarian for so long that I think my body got used to lower protein but everything I am reading shows the need for more as we age -- and it relates to belly fat (this month's Prevention has an article supporting this too). We shall see!