Halloween Gift Bags

Tis the season of ghosties and goulies and long-legged thingies!- I could not be more happy! I love Halloween and each year a create a new project. Last year it was the Raven bags and this year it is all thing Oct-tober... get it?.. a pun! ( I slay me!)

Of course the image is from the Graphics Fairy and the lettering is my own.

To make these little thank you bags you will need any sort of little bag.

I am using the If You Care 100% Unbleached Paper Sandwich AND Snack Bags, 48-Count Packages (Pack of 6)  which are a super good deal at 48 of them for about $4! ( I buy the 6 pack for a greater savings since I use them for all sorts of stuff)

I had hopped to print directly to these bags but my printer will just NOT do it.. you might be luckier.

So in my case I printed out stickers on clear/frosted full page sticker adhesive paper from the office supply store. .

and since all of our new treats are gluten free we have stickers for that too!

We will be filling the bags with a variety of items and then sealing the tops with the Gluten free stickers.. easy-peasy!

Want a Oct-tober Treat bag print out of your own?? Oct-tober Treat Bag Printable


Antonia said...

These are wonderful, and so easy that even I can do them (I am craft-impaired).
Thank you!!

Shannon said...

We are offering non-candy treats this year as well for those kids who can't have it. I saw the idea on my gastroparesis support group- they even have a sign you can print and put on your mailbox so kids know they can get a safe treat at your house!