I {heart} Mummy Embroidery Design

Sometimes I just can't help myself.. I should be doing something else but then a idea pops in my head and I MUST do it... so was born I {heart} Mummy.

This is an easy design made for the 5x7 hoop. For the bandages you can use white grosgrain ribbon, actual gauze bandage or like I did strips of white fabric that were laying around my studio.  The fabric strips will fray over time and get even cuter!

I made this with the idea it would go on a black sweatshirt.. adjust your color choices if you go with something else. 

To start - hoop stabilizer and attach shirt with embroidery spray

Sew out steps that create the rectangle outline and the eyes.

When that is done take hoop to table surface and arrange strips of ribbon or fabric to cover the face in a mummy like way!

Don't freak out about this! Just make sure ALL strips over-lay the stitched rectangle.

Now lay a sheet of SOLVY over the  whole design and pin in place WAY out to the sides and top. The Solvy will keep your embroidery foot from catching in the strips.

Return the hoop to the machine and make sure to change to white thread and run the tack down.

After the bandages are tacked down remove hoop from machine again and trim very close making SURE to leave the SOLVY in place.

Return hoop to machine and using the SAME white thread ( it will now say undefined color) let it satin stitch around the border.  DO NOT TAKE OFF THE SOLVY

Run the last steps for the lettering and the heart... ok NOW you can remove the SOLVY

Tada! you are done.. how cute is that???

This embroidery machine design is available for sale at Fresh Thread 

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Wendy said...

very cute :) Do you have any recs for tutorials on doing embroidery by machine? I just picked up a used Janome MC 10000 and am dipping my toe in that water for the first time. I could use some pointers, and recommendations for what kind of software to get.