Sewing Room Organization

My head is a rather busy place so by default my sewing room is also a bit chaotic to say the least. Like my inspiration board above I collect ideas and projects like a magpie and often this leads to project overload.

One of my goals was to gain some ground in making my sewing room ( or studio) a wonderful place to be. And while many would have started with wall color I knew that I needed to tackle the issue of space, purpose and need before thinking about the millions of beautiful shades I could put on the walls.

The Problem
My sewing areas have been everything from the corner of the laundry room to the large but oddly cut up space that I now have for myself. While the location has changed my singular problem of being "multiple project piler" has followed me from space to space and I have learned that stock solutions are not always right for me so doing some personal analyzing was in order.

In my new space things were going better but I still had a few snags to work out.

1) I seemed to be incapable of having a clean cutting/project surface when I needed it.

2) A portable design wall was not cutting it for working on my quilting projects.

The Sewing Center Solutions - So Far

Check out that sexy unfinished drywall in the far left corner!
First order of business was clearing off my cutting table.. oh my was it stacked high!  (Sorry no photo, but just pop over to the Hoarders site.. anything there would be a great approximation.) 

I noticed that I had 4 canisters full of supplies ( blue pens, pins etc)  sitting on the cutting area and I knew I was always moving them around (read that as tipping them over)..  so they were moved off and in their place I installed a bucket rail from Ikea.

The rail is ideal since it is up off the surface of the table giving me more room to spread out my larger quilt projects for cutting or marking.

I will also be moving the photo of my Sweet Gabriel to a wall frame and installing a wall mounted light so that the surface will be totally clear.

Next up.. My new Design Wall.

How about you.. any sewing room challenges you are tackling this fall?


nancy said...

Oh Maddie, I just shake my head at my room, worst than hoarders, I also had table for cutting, it's piled high. someday it wil happen, thanks for the inspiration. smiles

Cowtown Quilts said...

I love reading your remarks - I can totally relate to your sense of humor! And, I LOVE that railing above the work table. You've just given me an idea with this as I just got done making a cutting/work table (there really does never seem to be enough room to set stuff down, does there?) and have stuff stuffed back against the wall, taking up valuable space for tossing stuff on!

Anonymous said...

Not sewing, but a year ago, we knocked out a built in bar in the basement and created a dedicated space for projects of all sorts. My daughter and I love it!

Robin said...

I am battling the same behaviors with my own cutting table. gahhhh

Love the Ikea Bucket Rail solution. Brilliant.

I've fantasized about a shelf hanging from the ceiling mid-way between the wall and the front of the table but far enough to the side of the table that I'm not inclined to bang into it.