My little Secret. - Clip in Bangs

Anybody remember this ad campaign.. Does she..or doesn't She?  That is a bit how I feel about my new bangs. Clip in bangs do feel a bit like cheating but I am having a lot of fun with them that is for sure.

They have also made me feel much more comfortable with the idea of getting my actual bangs cut so that is also a good thing.

The trick to clip in bangs is attitude and a dead match to your own hair.  Attitude I had so getting a perfect match was next on the list.  

Honestly I was lucky, while I had looked online I also stopped by my local Ulta and found a color that was such a good match as to be scary.  ( I am not sure what this means about my hair ~ given some time to think about it I might be insulted)

Generally it is best to start with clean hair styled generally to match your clip-in. For me that meant blowing out straight (1) .. me no make-up

After that get your bangs ready. The first time you put them on they will need to be trimmed, do this while you are wearing them for best results. Keep them some place safe (2) on your lamp is not the safe place. When not wearing them store them back in the hairnet and box that came in for best results and so that your cat does not attack them and drag them around ( ahem!)

Putting the bangs on is a bit of a trick but easy once you get the hang of it- I watched the following videos for guidance - 

More clip in Bangs

If you have them in correctly  they will be totally comfortable and then you can style the rest of your hair like normal.

So.. would you be willing to try clip in bangs?

p.s. I have been told that these make me look "hysterically" young... guess I will have to suffer that fate :)


Hands Sew Full said...

I think the bangs look great!

Betsy said...

I LOVE the look - very sassy!