The Hurried Birth of a Quilt.

UnChained Melody in repose as she blocks

Quilting against a deadline makes for some some tense moments or high speed fun depending on how you are bent.

It seems I am equally bent in both directions since while creating this was fun it also was a bit more stress than I would like to put on myself again and with a little luck I will keep that little factoid front and center the next time I think.. " ohhhh a whole week.. sure I can do that" - Doh!

With a little luck UnChained Melody will be dry by morning and ready for final squaring and her binding by Tuesday night. Photoshoot on Wednesday and submission to the QuiltCon on Thursday. ( I am going to QC in Feb so it would be fun to see it hang there)

Now this all seems almost reasonable except for the fact that I am scheduled to spend the whole morning in the dentist chair on Wednesday - payers will be accepted in advance.

I have been sharing the process of this quilt over on Facebook on both my Domestic Anarchy page and on my new venture The BadAss Quilters Society  if you would like to follow along!

So what say you... do you like being privey the quilt making process or just like the big reveal at the end?


mandy applebee said...

I LOVE the inprocess.....but then again, you already know that with all the drooling I do!

Emma said...

I love to see the process; it's more inspirational than just a finished product (though they are pretty inspiring, too!).