Thinking Big with your Quilting- Using Block Poster

I have a tendency to think big.. way bigger than seems feasible at times but I have found a wonderful program that makes thinking big with my quilting possible. 

Block Poster is a wonderful free site that lets you take images and create tileable and home printable pages that you can then tape together to make an image as big as you can dream it!

This has been an amazing way to create large images without the need of a large wall space or projector. Just create - size - print - tape and get on with your project. 

I am even playing with printing straight to fabric! 

Just remember the higher the resolution of your image the better it will print to your poster. 

Step 1 - Pick the image you want to use and edit it for clarity. I converted the image of my pup to a graphic line image for the purpose of creating a quilt pattern from his fine sweet face.

Step 2 - Upload the image at Block Poster

Step 3- Fiddle with the printing and the orientation of the paper. Make is big or REALLY big. Just remember that this is going to take LOTS of ink. 

Step 4 - Print or save you image in PDF format.

How easy is that??

What can you think to do with this great program?

p.s. The Block Poster people don't know me from Eve  I just like to share resources that I like and since it's a free program what does it matter?


Cowtown Quilts said...

Wow! That is uber cool, Maddie! Thank you for sharing this!

Unknown said...

This is great! And just in time - I'm trying to design a quilt for a challenge and this sure beats trying to blow a photo up on a copy machine!! Thanks!!