This Week in Anarchy- Quilts, Bricks and Rare Beauty

The coloring is almost complete on this wonderful top. I still feel like it needs more orange to the center but I might have to accomplish that with thread instead of ink.. we shall see.  ( Want to see how this all started? Waking Sleeping Beauty)

I have been using Copic Markers for this project and have been very pleased with the way their color blends so well with the batik fabrics. There are some tricks to using them and I tried to do a video the other day only to have my camera run out of batteries... so maybe I can get that done  later this week.

Of course all of this quilt play is just to avoid the fact that I have finally pledged to finish the kitchen remodel that we started..ummmmm 7 years ago?.. maybe 8 ? ( hangs head)

Do you like how I tidied up for you?- after breakfast realness. 
First project..  bricking in the extractor vent sack!  Does that sound like fun or what?? The opposite side of the kitchen has the actual 100 year old brick  kitchen chimney  and I want to bring that look over to this side of the kitchen so brick I shall use!  Alas this actually means moving that  5 burner monster stove to get back there .. no fun!

So to keep my mind off of that I started a new series of quilts! ( A.D.D. much Maddie?- ummm yes!)

The first is Rare Beauty 1...  and yes... while it is an orchid for sure it is also what you think it is. This series ( I think there will be three in all)  explores the idea that as women we tend to put negative words around sexual organs and our sexual nature and yet each of us is gorgeous and unique. 

I don't think that we would ever look at the colors of an orchid and think that they should not be that way. That they should not be mottled, or deep and dark, or ruffled or smooth, or wild and untamed and yet we are not near so kind to ourselves in embracing our own beauty. - Think about it.

I have only just cut the appliques for this  RB1.. next up is shading and then the border and then quilting.. at this rate I might never get the kitchen finished!

What about you?.. what are you working on?

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Mom said...

Maddie, Unless you are using extremely dense quilting and/or a starkly contrasting thread, don't expect it to alter the hue of the fabric significantly. I have found that this is even more true for the batiks because they are multi-colored to begin with. Consider also using drastically different styles of quilting to help set off the spikes (ie, maybe parallel lines beside something that is more free-flowing - non-rulery). That said, I might advocate for a little more color alteration, and into the central regions of the spikes too (it may be just the image onscreen, but the coloring appears heavier at the seam lines than at the middle). Looking really good~