Turduckens in Anarchy- The Cross-Bred Fowl Adventure

Love them, hate them or have no idea what they are I bet someone you know made one this holiday season.  The Turducken is a tasty if not excessive display of three meats and three dressings popularized by the Chef Paul Prudhomme but where it originally came from before that point is a bit sketchy. 

The Anarchy estate  history with  this culinary  wonder dates back about 10 years to my first foray into boning a turkey  a duck and a chicken (T-D-C) plus making three separate stuffings.. it was a huge production and while it  did make for fine eating I was so tired by the time it was all done that I needed a nap!

From that time forward  I have done the sensible thing and ordered  my bird-of-plenty from one of the many places you can get them these days.  This year since we were having only a small family get together I ordered a smaller totally boneless  version from my local butcher at Fresh Market- not as pretty for sure but it does not leave me with so much meat that we eat Turducken for a month!

While the more expensive route for sure..  my $40  boneless turducken will feed 10+ people and I am cool with that price given there was NO work needed on my part. The ultimate in holiday lazy!

Large Turduckens can weigh well over 30 pounds and feed at least 30+ people. With few to no bones you are talking all edible.. so even at $100 it is rather a bargain given the time savings.

Our Turducken looked like this!

It was delish!.... and on that note I leave you with this since  it so reminded me of the lady who asked me how they bred all those birds together to make a Turducken!


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