Waking Sleeping Beauty- Fixing a Quilt with Color

Quilt Top by Lorraine C.

Sometimes for all the hard work you put into a quilt top, the picking the fabric, the sewing,the ripping,  the angst, you stand back when it is all done and go.. "Oh".

Sometimes "oh" is good.. that sort of take you breath away moment and sometimes "oh" is.. Oh I wish I had picked a better fabric.

The second sort of "oh" is the heart breaking sort that I am familiar with so when Lorraine contacted me about working with her quilt I knew what she was talking about when she talked about hating it at this very moment.

Lorraine did a fasmatstic job at piecing this quilt..she is one hot stitcher. Her issues with this quilt started way back at the fabric shop when she pulled fabrics for this Judy Niemeyer quilt pattern called Golden Harvest.

Each fabric she picked is a gorgeous  batik it just so happens that some of them are too close in color as to make a striking distinction for the spiky areas of the quilt and that is where I come in.

You see Lorraine is a brave woman.. she has sent her quilt to me and I will be adding color with both pencil and thread in order to bring some pop to this quilt. I say Lorraine is brave since this can be somewhat dicey and yet when it works the results can be amazing!  ( We are shooting for amazing- just so you know!)

Today I am just testing colors on scrap fabrics under the careful supervision of my studio kitty ( no fool is he , sleeping on a stack of insulbrite to keep warm) , tomorrow I start thinking about thread colors as I start in on the transformation... wish me luck and keep up with mini-updates by joining the Domestic Anarchy Facebook Page

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Mom said...

She is brave indeed! I assume you are working with permanent colors? It takes courage to do this to one's own quilt. Don't know if I'd ever want to do it to another's :-) Good luck :-)