3-365 Quilting Challege

So as the end of the year approaches at breakneck speed I am already pondering  projects, goals and more for the new year ( I am nuts like that)

And while looking over my lovely but aging stash of fabrics I am getting that "tight in the chest" feeling that comes from having too much. ( I also get the same feeling if I  see an episode of Hoarders - shudder)

Past that I feel like it might be a nice creative kick in the pants to use what I have to it's fullest potential.

With these reasons in mind I have come up with a TOTALLY hair brained plan I am calling the 3-365 Quilting Challenge here at Domestic Anarchy.

Now don't worry I not asking anyone else to get on board..this is my own crazy train to ride.

Starting on Jan1st 2013 I will be taking a pledge to quilt only from my stash and 3 bolts of fabric which I will buy between now and that time.  The bolts will be mostly for backing but I will be free to use them for quilting in anyway I wish.

I will be giving myself 2 "get of jail free cards" for which I can use to buy fabric that is a once in a lifetime opportunity such as when I am at Quilt Con.

I will be free to buy notions, books, and batting as needed, I plan to buy these all at my LQS so I can still be supporting them during my adventure.  So what do you think?

And here is a question- if you could only buy three bolts of fabric for use the whole next year what would you buy??


Unknown said...

It would have to be fat backs in white, black and oh my, what would the final color be? Play it safe with muslin or gray or go to a color I can't live without a royal blue or green batik? Good luck with that.

quiltzyx said...

Hmmmm...definitely all fatbacks - one must be black
as for the other 2....?

One should be a batik, with blues from turquoise to teal to cobalt.

And the 3rd one, let's see, how about some Parson Gray 7 Wonders Rain Ink.

Kelster said...

I would go with a dark green, white or greenish off-white, and something like a pistachio in between. That way I have my dark/medium/light combo and I am not using my favorite color (blue) so I wont be sick of it by the end of the year. That or I would go with a Dark blue, rust, and yellow.

Gene Black said...

Probably solids - blue (cause I love some blue) tan, cause it goes with most everything...and a multi color batik...just cause I love it. (did I mention I just bought several yards of black broadcloth and several of white also.)

Flaun of I Plead Quilty! said...

I would definitely buy Kona solids - white, medium grey, and navy. In fact, they're the three bolts I CURRENTLY have in my studio.

Unknown said...

My Motto
"No one expects the stamp collector to actually mail letters with his stamps.

No one expects the coin collector to use his coins in a vending machine for a soda.

So why does everybody expect me to use my fabric collection to actually sew anything?"

I'm not a fabriholic; I'm a fabric collector!

I found this sign at one of the Amish quilt shops in Lancaster PA.
I live far TOO CLOSE to these stores, and the ladies even know me by name.
Needless to say, my stash is also quite extensive.
I look at it and feel like a hoarder- a neat one since I organized it all and folded it but still how much do I really need?

I remember a few years ago I read a blog that had a post "Show Us Your Stash" and we all had to reply with pics. It is amazing the fabric we have.

I am actively trying to make quilts to take to the New Jersey shore to the victims of Sandy. am working out of my stash.

If I could only buy 3 bolts- it would be Black, white and maybe a nice gray large backing.

My biggest fear is I die and my husband has no idea what to do with my stash. I have a "Fabric Will" but it is not binding. I have told him to offer my sisters 1st dibs, sell what you can and donate the remainder to charity quilts at the guild.

Good luck with the "Stash Busting"

smiledarlin said...

Not sure why it posted me as Unknown

Mary Beth Frezon said...

Kona black. Navy. Purple/red-violet or dark green.

Just the thought of those three bolts makes me want to start cutting up fabric.

Suzan said...

Three bolts of fabric, Wow, depending on the bolt size... that could be 18 yards to a bolt times three, that is 54 yards of beautiful fabric. Think I could do it, I would need a plane white, of coursea beautiful pink, and a super raspberry, so there you are, I am good for the year!!!!! I could always exchange with friends if I am get into trouble, exchanges are free!!!

Bobbi said...

Well since I already have most of a bolt of white and half a bolt of black, I can go in a different direction. But my first thought was RED, I use red as a neutral, so a nice Kona red.

Then what. Hmmm, I have been liking yellow lately, so maybe a yellow in a blender kind of tone on tone (I like a little texture). And a medium to deepish blue. Again, not a solid, a tone on tone or small print.

What a fun idea. Actually I tried last year to quilt mostly from the stash, keeping track of yardage out (used) vs yardage in (purchased). Didn't work so well, maybe I'll try it again this year, a little more seriously. Even after 32 Quilts for Kids that were meant to bust the stash.

Cowtown Quilts said...

Tone on tone and MFD Kona white, so I could dye my own fabrics.

Sherry said...

The thought of buying a whole bolt of on kind of fabric makes me feel itchy and uneasy.lol. I can't commit to a bolt of anything unless it's white Kona for dying.

Sherry said...

The thought of buying a whole bolt of on kind of fabric makes me feel itchy and uneasy.lol. I can't commit to a bolt of anything unless it's white Kona for dying.

Linda G said...

I would think one black and the other 2 white muslin. Then you can dye/color/paint whatever colors you needed.

Melissa Loves Color said...

I never want to own an entire bolt of fabric again. I am so sick of some BEAUTIFUL fabric because I have TOO much. ;)

BUT, if I *had* to, I would pick a pure element solid from Art Gallery.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh Gosh- I have no clue what I would buy, but I would probably try to make them the biggest bolts I could!! This will be fun to wath!!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't buy the entire bolt of fabric at one time; I'd give myself an allowance of that many yards (45 in all) so I could have some flexibility for borders/sashing and some for backing.

That way, I can be creative and give some of those aging fabrics an updated look, and still work from my stash.