3365 Pre-progress- The Luxury of Less Choice

Free motion quilted on my Avante 18 by Handi Quilter

 In for a penny, in for a pound. When I decide to do something I usually jump right in right there right then.  ( Luckily I have never had the desire to skydive!)

Diet?.. no big meal with big piece of cake send off.. it starts that moment and it seems I am doing the same thing with my 3365 project.

No last minute runs to pick up fat quarters ( but I do admit a small twitch when I saw the sale email from my LQS) no hoarding fabric like a junkie looking for one more fix.

In fact I have already found a couple minutes of total peace in this project and that has been divine.  Just yesterday I needed to bind the table runner I finished up.. I had not planned binding but since a quick run to the fabric store was not an option I gave myself it was quite nice to dig through my stash, find something that worked well enough and just do it.  No worrying that there might be something " better" out there...  divine.

Perhaps it is not perfect.. or maybe it is.. but it is done and it makes me smile.

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