In Bed with 16 Naked Guys for a Good Cause

The things I will do for a good cause!... geesh!.. but here I am sick as a dog rolling around in bed with 16 naked guys, some burritos and of course a whole lot of quilts!

The good cause is that Megan of Bitchy-Stitcher fame is raising money to help her brother and his family as he fights brain cancer, since that shit be expensive!

So.. of course I had to do my part so I went right over and ordered myself a Quilter's Shirtless Man and Spicy Burrito Calendar. 2013

And now here I am in bed.. rolling around with  16 of the most awesome guys who made this sick day much more bearable.

And now if I may be so bold.. I am going to suggest that you too part with some of your hard earned cash and buy one or two or three! ( they make a super fun quilting swap gift!) to help support Megan's brother and of course naked guys wrapped in quilts eating burritos everywhere!

p.s  Even if you have never shared a post before.. could you do it this time?.. getting the word out will do a lot of good.. thanks

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p.s.s.s.  You rock!

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Erzebat said...

Pinned it AND shared on my facebook page! (muah) Liz