Picking a Light Box for Your Quilting Studio

So I mentioned the other day over on the BadAss Quilters Society page that I really thought that my AutoGraph Light Pad was  my favorite tool of the day and I got some questions how I was using it.

Like  most quilters I have times when I need to take a pattern and trace it onto fabric. There are a bunch of different ways to do this. From the very low tech and budget friendly method of tapping  the image and the fabric up to a sunny window and tracing to the use of a full size light table.

For years I made do with the well lit window method but this required a large window and day light.. and while I have the large window I often work at night and oddly my children balk at standing out in the dark in a bush  with a flashlight pointing it at the glass so I can finish tracing one last thing. ( Ungrateful children!)

And while I would love to use the projector method open wall space is rather limited around here.

Same for dedicated light table space although this would be a DREAM!

So I decided on a table top box and in that category there is no lack of choice and price points.

Everything from very serviceable and simple models like the Artograph Glo Light Boxes to the big and beautiful Artograph - 17x24 Inch Light Pad . So from $22 to over $200 there is a price for every budget as they say!

While the online world is full of options my local stores were a not overflowing with options but I did end up with the 9x12 Artograph since it was nice and flat and stays cool to the touch. It is also an easy size to store on the shelf on my studio when not in use.

As for HOW I use it.. I often work with large images that I have blown up and then retraced and modified.. I then slip the light box under these over sized patterns, lay my fabric on top and then just trace on with my blue pen or white chalk depending on the fabric.

The LightPad is plenty bright to go through the darkest and thickest of quilting fabrics making it just about perfect for my needs.

As a total bonus my kids like to use it for their art and tracing so while it was sort of pricey it sure does get a lot of use around here!

Got questions?.. leave them here or over at FB and I would be happy to answer them!

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