Portable Quilting for Vacation and Busy Lives.

With a long awaited vacation to the happiest place on earth looming near I have been checking off my to-do list like a crazy woman...

Get sick - Check!

Arrange for house sitter- Check!

Get kids sick- Check!

Have dog get sick- Check!

Cancel and rearrange appointment's - Check!

Get husband sick- send him to the doc where he then picks up the the flu- Check!

Start everyone on TamiFlu- Check!

Needless to say I am getting things done but the going is very slow but today I did take the time to pack up the things that I find the most important while on vay-ca.. my sewing and knitting!

To be quite blunt the idea of going a week without sewing or knitting.. well it makes me all pale and shaky to think about it. You are talking about a woman who actually smocked a baby gown in recovery after giving birth via emergency c-section.

I do have a knitting project but I am at the part when I need to concentrate and count.. that is not so easy when traveling full family so something mindless will have to do.

I have decided to dive back into my hexie-project since hexies via English Paper piecing are very portable, only need a needle and thread and lets face it.. they don't take a lot of brain power but do keep the hands busy enough to pretend you don't notice the travel chaos that surrounds you!

I am getting some awesome inspiration for what to do with my finished hexies from the book I just got-

Hexa-Go-Go: English Paper Piecing   This book is adorable and has a fresh take on colors and combinations for using your sweet big and little hexies. It also shows multiple ways to make them and talks about the pros and cons of each method.

I will not need the book while on vacation but what I do need is a way to easily bring my supplies both in the car and on the plane.

Building a Sexy-Hexi Kit for Travel

First off some paper templates- You can print some 1 inch hexi templates here

Cutting templates not your thing? You can buy Pre-Cut Hexi Papers

Or maybe you would like to ditch the paper altogether and sew Hexies without paper!

Want to spent some time playing with hexi color and layout? .. Here is a free hexi planning sheet

 I like to carry my supplies in a plastic bin, not too big, not too small- this is the one I use.

A flat top and sturdy locks with enough size to store everything I need in a self contained portable space.

I pre-cut my little squares of fabric and stack them in my box.  I will take about 200+ squares.. it is amazing how much you can get done during all the waiting that comes with travel!

Don't forget the needles and thread and of course some Quilters Heaven

I never stitch without it!

I keep everything neat and tidy but using zippered bags to keep things separate and easy to find.

So now I am ready.. and as long as no one else gets the flu it should be happy stitching all the way!

Do you continue to sew/knit/craft while you are on vacation??


Unknown said...

why not people bring books with them when the go on holidays why not sew stuff. I'm with you sewing can sooth the savage beast. lol

amy dame said...

Of course! Planning my sewing or embroidery is always the most nerve wracking part of packing for me. It has to be enough to keep me busy, so that i don't kill anybody, but not so much that it'll take up space and keep me from bringing goodies home, it has to be neutral enough that it won't traumatize the family (I do a lot of political themed handwork that I don't always want to explain to my uber conservative relatives), it has to be all prepped so I don't need extra supplies, and it needs to be something I can work on in limited light, because my grandmother has the worst lit living room in the world. And that's not even getting into TSA regulations!

Ellen Ann Craig said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot of work going on a family vacation! Personally I have never been on one with my kids and certainly not with my youngest (he's severely delayed, requires lots of diapers, wipes, clothes, extra clothes, plastic bags etc) but me and the hubby sometimes get away and I don't take any sewing or quilting. I just get away!

Flaun of I Plead Quilty! said...

I always take hand work with me on vacation. When else can I tell myself to just relax? Vacation is for dinner out, no house work, and lots of laying about.