Whovian Gifts for the Last Minute Crafter

This year my home has been taken over by two things.. All things Dr. Who and all things Minecraft. With that inspiration much of my holiday crafting has centered on these two themes.

I already have my Minecraft stuff done but thought I would share with you two of the transfers I created to make t-shirts for all of the Dr. Who ( or "The Doctor" as we say around here) fans in my life.

While not something everyone will understand true fans of the newest Dr. Who will really love this image and totally "get it".   Fezzes are cool printable

Bowties are cool again  ( thanks to Dr.Who) and super fun when put on a t-shirt.. in fact you could make multiple t-shirts with this file just by cutting out the colored tie you want to use and the wording.. lots of fun when you can't be wearing the real thing! Bowties are cool printable

Please note that these are for PERSONAL use only so if I find you selling these on Etsy I will rain down my wrath on you.. but otherwise make them for all the people you love.

The files are already flipped and ready to use with printer transfer paper.. so just got for it!!

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