Dairy Free Ice Cream - A Scoopable Dream

Pioneer Woman would have taken a much better picture, but it was 9pm and this was the best I could do! 

Honestly I never intended Domestic Anarchy to be a food blog.. so if food is not your thing check back early next week since I am painting our study this weekend and will be showing off that project.

For the rest of you.. come close..closer... I have found the secret to amazing Ice Cream that is not only sugar free but also egg free and dairy free.. oh and also Gluten free.

It all starts with a can of coconut milk. You will find this in the Asian food section of your grocery.. NOT in the section with drink mixes ( that is coconut cream and it has added sugar and thickeners including dairy and gluten!)

Tonight we made Chocolate Almond Coconut IceDream ( because there is no CREAM in there!)

This is all really easy and really quick if you are just making enough for 4 people. This stuff is so rich that you will be serving it in really little bowls.. even teacup would be the right size for a serving!

Chocolate Almond Coconut IceDream
1 can  coconut milk ( put in fridge for about an hour is you remember.. if not no worries)
2 tsp freeze dried coffee ( boosts the chocolate flavor which can be dull when cold)
2 Tablespoon extra dark coco powder
1/4 cup Xylitol ( or other sugar substitute such as MonkFruit powder)
1/8 cup dried coconut flakes - from the health food store, not the Angle Flake stuff.
1/4-1/2 cup crushed roasted almonds
1 tsp Vanilla extract

In a small bowl mix together the  freeze dried coffee, the coco powder the coconut flakes, to that add just enough  coconut water to mix, dissolve and reconstitute the flakes Let this sit for up to 20 minutes, test a small flake it should plump up and not be crunchy..- now add the vanilla.  

Now add the can of the rest of the coconut milk, and non-sugar to the  chocolate mixture.. mix and then dump into your ice cream mixer add the nuts and let it go until ready!

Please note I have revised this recipe.. if you let the chocolate and coconut flake mixture sit long enough it will  get soft so no need for the boiling water I used before.  AMAZING!!!

* with this size portion it only took 15 minutes and it was at soft serve stage
**For grins I checked my blood sugar afterwards..  at 1 hour it was 140 which if this had been real Icecream it would have been well over 300 for me. 


Anonymous said...

I am going to try this! But how many ounces of the coconut milk? Our local store has different sizes of cans.

Anonymous said...

Since you've used Xylitol, is it alright if I use any sugar substitute? I will definitely try this one.

Ernest Higgins