Easy and Inexpensive Shoe Storage

Sometimes you have to go for the easy win... in this case the easy project to make you feel like you are making some sort of freaking progress in getting organized!

I have a lot of big projects in the works right now but while they are all going well it does feel chaotic for sure and much less than restful!

For that reason  I am extra thrilled with tonight's "easy win" of getting my over flow of shoes organized!

Yep just call me Imelda, I love shoes and had run out of places to keep them in my closet. After weeding out those that were ready to go to donation I set up possibly the easiest way to make extra shoe room in a bookcase or cabinet.

As luck would have it the large wall in my bedroom is lined with built in bookshelves that have doors  on the bottoms. These were holding an odd ball assortment of junk but not really being USED in a effective manner.. but now they are!

While not very deep they were just fine even for my size 10 shoes but there was a lot of wasted space when the shoes were just on the shelves or I ended up piling them up and then they tumbled out and on to my bedroom floor... no good.

Enter a stroke of brilliance which was lit as I trolled through Pinterest ( who says I waste time there!) where I saw a pin using a tension rod to hold up rolls of wrapping paper and that got me thinking...


So a quick run to the home center and 4 tension rods later I mounted the rods in the cabinet and this made extra "shelves" on each level for more shoes!

I was not able to find my preferred heavy-duty rods ( they are more oval as opposed to round) but so far the bronze regular duty are working fine..

1 cabinet + 4 tension rods = 24 pairs of shoes organized!

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