End of Days Fanny Pack

Please say I am not the only one who does this...  mere hours or days before some big event I decide that I need to make something for it..  Totally makes no sense and yet today finds me making a Fanny Pack!

Yes, jump in your time machine and come back with me to when fanny packs were cool and not called "hip bags" with an equally organic price attached!

Actually price and style is what drove me to make my own.. given that I decided I needed one at the last moment the only place to get one was the local high-end outdoor place..

 HOLY CRAP.. $100 for an all weather waterproof fanny pack??.. I was going to frolic with a big mouse not scale Mt. Everest!

So a quick Google search ended me up at the page of Daisy Jane who had walked this path before me and  had developed a nifty little pattern that looked like a great jumping off spot.

Of course I could not leave well enough alone ( I am like that), and I had to use what I had on hand per my 3365 Challenge rules for this year,  so while not exactly like Daisy Jane's I am loving what I came up with.

I used 3 types of Flea Market Fancy Fabric from my stash, some left over webbing from making dog collars, a parachute  buckle and the lucky find of an orange and a grey zipper in my stash. ( Alas the orange zipper was of the "invisible" variety but I made it work)

I added a bit of padding and structure to mine with some craft felt between the back layers and on the side tabs.

I did a partially exposed zipper on the inside pocket just for fun and I gathered the front instead of pleating it just for the hell of it.

How's this for a craptastic in a rush photo??

The fit curves really well over my own curves.. so I think we have a winner??  I *might* be forced to make another...

What about you... fanny pack or no???

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jana said...

That? Is fabulous! I'm completely in awe of your talent. I'm going to have to come hang with you and watch you work one weekend!!!