Matte Eyeshadow - And Now We Are 45

With the celebration of my 45th birthday I also took the time to clean out my makeup drawer of all the colors and types of make up that no longer flatter my face.

While over all I am " holding up" pretty well I can see and feel my aging around my eyes. Skin that was once firm is now getting softer and we wee bit crepey ( is that even a word?)... you know.. thinner and it sort of moves when you push it...eeewwwww

This is NOT skin for which frosted eye shadow is a friend. Frosted eye shadow is for the young and firm.. do not let them tell you otherwise. Eye shadow with any amount of shine or sparkle is like a spotlight on what you would rather hide!

Matte eyeshadow with good pigmentation is what you are looking for.  I happen to currently love L'Oreal  Infallible in Sultry Smoke since it is very smooth and the price is right at $6.. although oddly I think they might have changed it to a shimmer.. so check before you buy!

and who knew.. I am not the only crazy out there talking about this!

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