New Year, New Hair, Fringe in 2013

Creative camera angles to hid mammoth zit on right side of chin!

So I did it.. no more fakies, I finally got my bangs cut for real!  I am loving them and all the new potential I have with my hair.

This is a good thing since honestly today could have really sucked. I stepped on the scale today to find that a month of being sick has brought with it 10 pounds of gained weight..

While the number was a bit bracing it was not a big surprise. Comfort eating including grains has  been the equivalent  of pulling the rip cord on my personal flotation devise ~sigh~

This could mean sulking around looking like crap but I have decided to go in the other direction.. a bit more attention to what I wear, my hair and my make-up as I also clean up my diet and get back to our grain free lifestyle. ( My gut and joints will also be thanking me, since while I love the taste of bread nothing else about my body loves it)

 To feel better I pulled on my Cinnamon Cookie sweater and got busy doing my new hair.  I am one lucky mama, my daughter cut in my fringe ( such a nicer word than bangs- don't you agree??) and now I am having fun trying out hair styles that I was not able to do before.

Today I went with an updo, that involves a teased bump and braids... I found it on the Keiko Lynn blog.

As I find them and try them I am going to posting up tutorials I love and that WORK. If you want to see those feel free to follow my Hair I love board on Pinterest  or feel free pin my post to your own board for future reference.

So.. doing anything fun with your hair these days??


mandy Applebee said...

Growing mine out....this will ikely result in MANY bad hairdays as I currently am sporting a pixie cut.......

Round Rock Gal said...

You look beautiful! I am getting back on the exercise wagon again in 2013!

Katie said...

Oh Maddie, being sick stinks! Especially when we're left with an awful reminder of how much we've comforted ourselves.
I think that for women our age, bangs are the way to go. Seriously, who can afford Botox, or wants to inject that crap into their forehead, anyway?! Bangs are, for me anyway, a great way to cover up those awful deepening forehead lines!