The Deluxe Dainty Ditcher - My New Love.

Sometimes a girl just needs a little more control.. and that is just what I am getting with my new little  Deluxe Danity Ditcher  for use with my Longarm quilting machine.

This fantastic little gem of a ruler was part of my Christmas swag from the handsome husband himself ( he is really rather amazing if I do say so myself!) and I could not be more excited to get to use it!

This ruler is small but mighty with 1/4 inch lines and a slanted tab that make it easy to grip when you have lots of pesky little bits you need to finesses but don't need or want something big getting in the way of your quilting.

For me this ruler fits the bill when I am mostly doing free motion work but need to hit  small sections of straight line and am too lazy to put on my extended base. Being so small you are actually working in the area that is supported by the arm of the machine so there is not an issue with tipping, skipping or jumping or lord forbid cracking the ruler by running the machine onto it!

For added non-slip assurance I spray my rulers with 505 spray so the light tack keeps them in place without worry. ( You can also do this with flat glue dots)

Since I am famous for modification of just about everything ( recipes, patterns, plans) the DDD was no different. As it turns out the way I grip the DDD presses the  corners of the ruler into the palm of my hand but this is a problem that was easily solved. 

All that was needed was a couple swipes with a sponge block sander and then edges were rounded off and then comfy in the palm of my hand. 

Just small thing really but when you will have a tool in your hand for possibly hours a week it is  best that it fits just right!

Really I could not be more thrilled with this ruler and  should it ever go missing it is one I would replace in a heartbeat!  If you are a longarm quilter who does custom work I suspect you would love it too.. so go take a look!  ..while you are there I will also say that I sort of have a crush on the Apple a Day ruler as well.. so don't miss that if you are going to place an order!

ps.  This is an uncompensated post.. I just happen to really like this ruler. and it is good karma to share!


Anonymous said...
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Quilter Jane said...

Thank you for the tip - I love that you have modified it and made it your own! :-)