I am Going to Quilt Con!.. are you??

This is me.. but I will not bathed in angelic light- sorry about that!

The days are quickly counting down until QuiltCon and I am very excited that I will be there in my role as owner of BadAss Quilters Society and  just to enjoy the hell out of myself!

I am also very excited to be seeing my bestie of many years ..the loverly Ms. Robyn of Coffee and Cotton as well as a lot of wonderful people I have met online.

As part of the Quilt Con linky party we are supposed to post 5 things you might not know about ourselves.. this is going to be hard since I am pretty out there and don't hold a lot back...but here goes.

1) I am an introvert.  Yes, I am ... I am an introvert who loves to be with people but I pay for it by the fact that I give my energy away to be with people so you can fully expect that when I go back to my hotel room at night I will be doing a face-plant on the bed and sleeping the sleep of the dead to recover and be ready for the next day. 

2) I am a homebody. I LOVE my home and have very little desire to travel. So it is a big deal when I do go places!

3)I have dirty mouth and a naughty mind, both which I will do my best to keep under control.

4) Helping people find the creative spark in themselves gives me endless pleasure.

5) I might need treatment for my addiction to cute shoes and  shades of red lipstick.

Please leave me a note if you are going to be there I would love to meet you!


A Quilters Playhouse said...

Hi Maddie! Hope to see you there. Maybe you can join our group for dinner one night. Miss you at ChattMQG.


Anonymous said...
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