Quilt Borders - True Confessions

Wild Rumpus - mid process

If you get a group of quilters together for long enough the talk will turn to quilt-tastrofies. Those quilts that end up so off grain and so distorted that they ripple and wave like a flag on a windy spring day.

When laid flat they have hills (often refereed to a C-cups or even worse DD-cups!) and the border often looks like it has a loverly lettuce edged wave to it when in reality it should be laying as flat and crisp as a well made military bed. 

While these are often issues that happen to new quilters those with experience are not immune to it and in some cases various techniques when combined really make these issues hard to avoid. ( Bias cutting is one of the biggest offenders since here is lots of stretch on the bias)

We have spent a good deal of time talking about this topic over at BadAss Quilters Society and while most people do things just about the same way there are some various schools of thought on how to keep things nice and square.

Some favor lots of starch so there is less distortion when sewing and pressing.

Some like to use an average of the quilt measurement to cut their borders and yet others like to pre-square each element for best outcome.

 I am going to be quite honest and say that while I do use starch I don't measure, yep {gasp}..  but what I do is pre measure  and "square" my area to make sure it is not grossly out of whack and then I do PIN my strips of fabric to the main panel so I have less distortion as I sew.  In fact this is one of the few times I actually use pins... In general I am anti-pin - I can't help it.. it's the rebel in me ;-)

Wild Rumps will get two more borders and then be ready for quilting.. when it is all done I will show you how I like to square everything up  and get the quilt ready to go on the longarm for quilting!

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smiledarlin said...

I also rarely use pins, only when I sew on a border. One that I did not pre measure and cut to fit. I don't normally have a problem with being distorted, except when I have cut my sashing WOF and then tried to place a border that I cut LOF. Then it will pucker. Pretty quilt