Mock Piped Pillows

Yes, I love color, why do you ask?

If I was a woman of greater integrity I would show you what these pillows looked like yesterday, but I am not. I will only say that they were very much the worse for wear after being ravaged by a very chewy puppy since last summer.

It was time for new pillows and I lucked into the orange and creme daisy fabric for a song so the project was then a go.

I wanted something nice but not something that would take days on end to make then have me wail and beat my chest should the puppy go to nibbling again.

I decided on a simple pillow with a mock piped edge to class them up a bit.  Since while a simple seamed pillow would have been ok I tend to think they look a bit unfinished and for just a few minutes more work you can have something that people assume you paid big money for.

Making a Mock Piped Pillow

Start with the two pieces of fabric, 1 front, 1 back and sew them together with right sides facing. Leave at least 3/4 of one side open to insert pillow form later. - turn right side out.

Next- with a matching thread you are  are going to sew around the outside of the pillow just a wee bit in from the edge so that you are catching the inside seam and it's bulk is going to give you the look of piping in your pillow!
  You do this buy rolling the top edge just a wee bit further towards the front so it is nice and full.

You will run your foot right on the edge and adjust your needle so it rides in the depression as it sews along. 
Before top stitching for a mock piping finish

So you start with the pillow cover as is ( above)

After with mock piping 

And this is what you get.  A simple professional looking finish that adds structure and support to your project without a lot of hassle or time.

 How easy was that?  Want to see a little video?... sure you do!

So there you go.. mock piped pillow edge for painless pillow refurbishing!


Katrina said...

Very cool idea Maddie I love it!

Round Rock Gal said...

So pretty!!! And I know first hand about chewing puppies. She just ate a bra yesterday. I needed a new one anyway, but stil...

CandoCanda said...

My kind of sewer..... and to think I have been struggling with piping..... love it. Thanks to Graphics Fairy for steering me this way :)