No Capes! Lessons from My Sick Bed

This winter has sucked when it comes to being sick..  and here I am writing from just the other side of 16 hours of sleep trying to get rid of this awful crud that has once again come our way.  

While I am sure it was just the cough medicine talking Edna Mode came to visit me in my dreams - her message was short. No Capes!

No Capes!- To remind me to get rid of things that are dragging me down.

No Capes! - To remind me the same about people who are not a positive influence in my life.

No Capes! - To let go of pseudo-obligations that drain me and don't move me closer to my goals.

No Capes! - To put myself first so I can be there to take care of others. 

No Capes! - To let go of what I cannot change ( like being sick)  and be flexible like my other hero.....

She hangs here on my desk as a daily reminder, I need to find an Edna now!

What does Edna's message mean to you and your life?


Cowtown Quilts said...

No Capes! It means the same things to me, Maddie. I hadn't heard that term before, but it makes sense. The capes are what is covering up and disguising the superpowers and us. They don't protect us, but they can be our illusion of protection, much like hiding under the blankets at night. If we don't see the monsters, they will not get us... if we have this cape on, we will be a super hero and will be protected. So, take the cape off and be Edna.

Round Rock Gal said...

I hope you are feeling better! Your family really has been infested with all sorts of nasty bugs this year. I do not suffer from wearing too many capes - but that is because I am not enlightened, but I fear too lazy to take things on. My cape is "peri-menopause" and I am trying to switch it out with something more appropriate, like "enthusiasm" or "lust for life". When that happens I will try to remember to maintain balance like you and Edna.