Simplify - Spring Edition

Spring is here in Eastern TN and that means I am ready to throw open the windows and  start airing out my life.

First step, getting control of my morning routine.  These days it seems like we suffer from a wealth of options each day and while all this choice can be nice it adds a lot of time to my day so my hope is to weed out what I don't need in favor of what I love. 

Turns out out that I have a lot of make-up. Not as much as some but more than enough and a lot I don't use.

 See.. a lot of stuff and it is going away!

I have decided to keep the items you see in the top photo. These are my go-to products that don't let me down and are all I really need for my personal beauty kit.

So I sorting and boxing up the rest, if I have not needed it by the end of summer I will just throw it all away.. if not I will add it to my much sleeker arsenal of beauty magic.

What about you.. are you paring down these days?

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Stephanie Forsyth said...

I weeded out around half of my fabrics - my stash has gone through multiple weddings. This last weeding yielded 15 garbage bags, and 5-6 tubs!