She Went Vegan

Next to possibly Ronald Mc Donald I am the last person on Earth that any one would ever think of as being Vegan and yet here I am making a dramatic dietary change.. in fact just about a 180 considering that I was before this time pretty much a Paleo girl.

Problem was- even though I was happy by body was not and my diabetes was becoming more aggressive and my autoimmune system we continuing to fail ( fun huh??)

So with that in mind as well as my husband's cholesterol levels we made the big jump to a plant based / no oil diet ala Engine 2 .

Massaged Kale Salad
 Start with  2x the Kale you think you will need, the massaging really brings down the volume.
Using just a bit of kosher salt or in my case the oil free Sesame oil dressing, using clean or gloved hands massage the ripped up Kale bits until the darken, and become soft and silky ( 3-5 minutes).  To this I added hunks of avacado, some walnuts, tomatoes and slices of cooked sweet potato that I quickly pan fried to warm them. 

This actually was not as hard as you would think since I have already ditched sugars, most processed food and a ton of other things that the world around me eats on a daily basis, so saying goodbye to the meat was easy.. the oil... not bad.. but the dairy.. there I let out a little sob and a whimper but I will survive.

Today's lunch was Massaged kale with sweet potatoes, avacados, tomatoes and walnuts.  Dinner was toasted brown rice with roasted vegables topped with homemade (no oil or cheese) pesto.

New shopping lists are being made, the fridge and freezer are being cleaned out  and adjustments in preperation for this new adventure.

Interested in more good reasons to do this?   A good place to start is the documenteray Forks over Knives

Want and easy read with all the science in the footnotes?  Rip's new book is a great place to dig in!

 I don't know often I will be posting ( crying?  rejoicing?) about this adventure but this will be where I will be doing it if you want to follow along!