About Maddie

Hi! I am Maddie, also known as the Domestic Anarchist.  I am wife, mother, blogger and domestic rebel who believes that home should be a creative haven. My home and my family are precious to me.  I have been blogging for going on7 years here and on other net venues.  I approach life and motherhood as a creative calling with lots of room for finding yourself along the way. I love buttered bread, Coke Zero and Bananna Laffy Taffy, please don't hold that against me. Oh, I am also an awful speller so no need to write me to point out a typo, just think of them as creative spelling.

 I write from the perspective of being the mother of many (6 to be exact, ages 22-11), a homeschooling mom and devoted wife and yet a progressive, spiritually open person. I should be the adult poster child for Attention Deficit Disorder.  I am a crafting and sewing maven who is never far from a bottle of German glass glitter or my sewing machine.

We live  is a monsterously large old house that we have been renovating for almost  nine years using our conservative five year plan to do so (ha!).  Many of my  posts deal with this adventure as well as the challange to decorate our palace ( think Money pit) with minimal eco-impact by using mostly vintage and repurposed finds along with cool DIY products and tools. ( I love my tools!)

Here at Domestic Anarchy you will find lots of reasons to smile, many things to do, as well as the occasional deep thought to ruminate on.You can find my other writings ( less typos- yeh editors!) featured  in various publications such as Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine and  The Link Homeschooling Magazine.

In addition to the whole motherhood and blogging thing I am a sewing, quilting and  crafting instructor who teachers locally and across the United States at creative events of all sorts. I am the owner of  Domestic Anarchy Studio.

 If interested in advertising or sponsored posts on Domestic Anarchy please contact me at Maddie6@bellsouth.net for details.